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September 26th 2018

Threading v Waxing

Whether you need your eyebrows shaped, or face threaded,  Afreen Fashion & Beauty, a beauty salon in Edinburgh is the ideal place for you. 
The main focus is on threading, an ancient Middle Eastern technique that has recently grown popular in the UK. 
It’s a great alternative to waxing, removing facial hair from your eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, chin, sideburns and even your entire face if you like.
Owner, Nylla Latif, has 15 years of threading experience, so you can be assured your in safe hands.
It’s hard to find an experienced threader as It’s a true art form and isn’t something you can learn easily in a couple of classes, especially using threading for eyebrow shaping. 
“Threading involves no chemicals or needles and lasts longer than waxing,” says Nialla  “It is also less painful than waxing and the hair grows back cleaner without any bumps or irritation to the face, the process is much faster than tweezing.” She goes on to explain that when you have your eyebrows waxed, some of the hair is pulled from the root while others will break at the surface level…. These will grow in quicker and thicker.
Sometimes waxing can ruin your eyebrows, but with eyebrow threading, you’ll always get a nice, natural shape without harming your eyebrows. It works by taking a doubled up strand of cotton thread that is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion to trap hair in a mini lasso, lifting hair right out of the follicle. Therefore, the hair is pulled directly from its roots, meaning even re-growth, which ultimately means a better and tidier shape.
Feedback from current customers is very positive, the majority appreciate the private setting of the salon as opposed to the public setting of venues like Debenhams, Harvey Nics and Boots.. 
In addition to being an experienced threader, Nylla is also a fully qualified beautician. 

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