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September 26th 2018

Eyebrow Threading, Facial Threading , Tinting & Waxing 

A recent Q&A with Nylla Latif, owner & master threader at Afreen Fashion & Beauty and Nylla Fashion & Beauty salons located at Constitution Street, Leith Walk, Edinburgh., Gorgir Rd, Edinburgh and North High Street, Musselburgh


What treatments do you offer at AfreenFashions?

We specialise in threading, specifically eyebrow threading and facial threading and we also offer a waxing service that incldues intimate waxing though we do not offer any facial waxing.

Why is this?

Lot's of reasons but mainly you get a neater finish with threading, threaded hair are removed from the root unlike with waxing where there is a higher chance of the hear breaking leaving the folicle intact, This leads to uneven growth, ingrown hair and a stubble effect. Also with waxing there is a chance of burning the skin and irritation and allergic reactions.

How is it Done, Threading?

Using a cotton thread, a loop is placed against the surface of the skin, hair is lifted out from it's roots very much like plucking/tweezing, but in a more effective and precise manner. If i am being honest, it's an art and not everyone can do it, i have seen 2 hour courses after which you get a certificate saying you are a threader... my reaction !!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!

Is it Precise?

As long as the threader is experienced (Nylla Latif; owner and Master Threader at Afreen Fashion & Beauty has over 15 years of experience,) threading creates the most precise eyebrow shape whereby one or multiple hairs can be removed. It can even remove any in-grown hairs or stubbles. Also hair will take longer to grow back as it is removed from the root

Is it Safe?

Very! Threading is the best and safest way of removing hair. There's no hot wax to burn the skin and as it's natural it is perfect for sensitive skin. Skin will get red after treatment but this clears up after a few minutes.

What is Eyebow Tinting?

It's very similar to getting your hair dyed, a tint is placed on your eyebrows to give them a deeper, darker colour. This allows the brows to look fuller and more defined. It also means not wearing eye pencil/liner.

HD Brows?

(Laughs Loudly....) Please!! In my humble opinion.. it's a gimmick,. i've seen salons charging up to £45 for HD brows. I believe a proper eyebrow threading treatment and a eyebrow tint will give the same if not better results and for only £11 at either Afreen Fashions or Nylla Fashions, you can keep your brows looking perfect and defined for longer.

How Long Does Tinting Last?

Tinting usually lasts arounds 3 to 4 weeks. 

Do I need to make an appointment?

At Afreen Fashion & Beauty and Nylla Fashion & Beauty we don't take appointments for threading procedures, we work on a first come first served basis. At busy times there may be a 10-15 minute wait but feedback indicates that it's well worth the wait. 



Threading has no side effects (if done correctly)

.Results last longer than waxing, average time 3-4 weeks.

Threading only removes hair, not affecting the skin, thereby causing less wrinkles & sagging than waxing!

Great alternative for those on medication or doing laser procedures.

Regular threading sessions results in lesser & finer hair growth!

Unlike High Street salons, (Debenhams, Harvey Nics, House of Fraser, Boots, Superdrug etc) we only charge £5:00 for eyebrow threading


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