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September 26th 2018

Let's Talk Threading, that's Eyebrow & Facial Threading

Threading is possibly the oldest technique used to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. 

It's been used for many centuries in the Middle East and it is very popular in South Asia countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. 


Eyebrow Threading, Facial Threading and to a lesser extent Body Threading have proved a massive hit in the Western world and is now widely available in many beauty salons across the UK. You will even find threaders in shopping centre aisles and hairdressers. 


Threading is mostly used as a technique for shaping and enhancing the eyebrows but it can also be used to remove unwanted facial hair on the jaw, cheeks, upper lip, neck, under arms, stomach, fingers and toes.


Threading is also becoming very popular within the male grooming category. Gents have their eyebrows threaded as well as having their (beard) hair lines threaded to a neat finish.


What is threading?


Threading is a simple technique involving a piece of cotton thread which is looped with one end being directed by the therapists hand and the other in between the therapists teeth giving it tension. Threading may not seem as glamorous or hi-tech as electrolysis or laser hair removal but it is still one of the safest, quickest, most precise and thorough forms of hair removal on the market. 



Eyebrow threading is particularly quick and easy, making it a great lunch-break appointment or even an after work touch up.


Many people opt for eyebrow threading over eyebrow waxing because it allows for greater precision and more accurate shaping. Whereas waxing requires the application of chemicals to the skin, threading is 100% natural - all it requires is a piece of thread and a trained therapist.

Waxing is removes a thin top-layer of skin, whereas threading simply wraps around each individual hair and pulls from the root.



If you have any questions please feel free to pop into one of our Edinburgh Salons for a quick chat with an experianced therapist.


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